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Preventing PEDs in Professional Sports Essay - 1198 Words

The use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) among athletes in professional sports has caused an outrage all around the world for many years. The use of PEDs not only affects the athlete that chooses to use them, but also the athletes they are competing against, other teams, and the team or country they are representing (â€Å"Survey Reveals†). It is important for athletes to maintain a good reputation in competition, because they need to represent their team in a positive manner and not create suspicion or problems surrounding the athlete and the team. Using PEDs will cause negative issues and poor reputations for the affected team. For instance, Austrian skier Johannes Duerr admitted to using EPO and was eliminated from competition.†¦show more content†¦Many professional sports including baseball, basketball, and most Olympic sports have suffered doping cases. These teams and countries have had many issues surrounding the use of PEDs and getting past scandals and controversies involving athletes who used PEDs to gain competitive edge. Countries such as the United States, Austria, Jamaica, Switzerland, and Kenya have also had a great amount of PED issues of their own over time and are attempting to create broader policies and consequences regarding PED use among their athletes (Macur). Future athletes need to be educated and understand that performance enhancing drugs are wrong and violate the rules of sportsmanship (Survey Reveals). Many professional sports associations, including the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), and even the International Olympic Committee (IOC) take the use of performance enhancing drugs, or PED’s, by athletes and coaches very seriously. They have imposed harsher consequences and have created more frequent testing protocols. All are developing stronger methods to prevent use of in the years to come. There are several possible effective solutions to prevent future use of PEDs in professional sports. The first possible solution is increased use of blood testing as opposed to other test ing methods such as urine tests. Blood testing has beenShow MoreRelatedShould Sports Enhancing Drugs Or Peds Should Be Allowed? Professional Sports?1608 Words   |  7 PagesRJ Cordeiro Ingrid Fellows NS4 Fall 11/4/15 Clean or Not? Whether or not Performing enhancing drugs or PEDs should be allowed in professional sports is one of the most widely discussed topics amongst fans and league officials. It brings a lot of controversy as well as a lot of upside. Many people argue that there is an unfair advantage amongst â€Å"clean† athletes while others say that there are many health benefits given to the athletes taking these drugs. As most things in our society, thereRead MorePed 212 (Foundations of Movement and Motor Activities) Entire Course1793 Words   |  8 PagesPED 212 (Foundations of Movement and Motor Activities) Entire Course IF You Want To Purchase A+ Work Then Click The Link Below , Instant Download If You Face Any Problem E- Mail Us At PED 212 Week 1 DQ 1 Current Issues Current Issues Choose a current issue to research that can be related to providing quality physical education at the elementary school level. SomeRead MoreEffectiveness Of Performance Enhancing Drugs3508 Words   |  15 Pageshis loved sport. This didn’t go over too well with his teammates and other competitors. A former teammate of Armstrong’s, along with several other cyclist, testified against Armstrong for the use of performance enhancing drugs. If it was not for the testimonies of these cyclists Armstrong would be innocent without a second thought. This is the man who won seven titles without testing positive once in any of them, proving that performance enhancing drug tests have little value in preventing performanceRead MoreAsthma Among Pediatric Patients : The University Of Tennessee2399 Words   |  10 PagesIntroduction Asthma is a common disease seen in the children of our society. As healthcare workers, we need to be prepared to perform interventions in a timely matter for an asthmatic child. Information from this paper was gathered from various medical professional research literatures. The purpose of this paper is to inform readers of how asthma affects a child’s ability to breathe, signs and symptoms of an asthma attack, how asthma is diagnosed, treatment options for asthma, and the importance of parentRead MoreRelationship Between Obesity And Depression During Adolescence3810 Words   |  16 Pagesand fit the definition of obesity. The racial makeup of the participants was 80% White/Caucasian, 16% African American/Black, 2% Asian American, and 2% Other. Boys and girls were selected randomly for this study since gender was not a focus. Professional school counselors administered the CES-D to 300 eighth graders in the school. Any students identified with significant levels of depre ssion were eligible for the study. The students also had height and weight measured by their physical educationRead MoreContemporary Applications of Schools in Psychology8487 Words   |  34 Pagespsychology, health psychology, industrial or organizational psychology, community psychology, consumer psychology, applied behavioral analysis, environmental psychology, legal psychology, military psychology, political psychology, religion psychology, sports psychology, school psychology, child psychology, adolescent psychology, geriatric psychology, personality psychology, educational psychology, counseling psychology, cross-cultural psychology and folk psychology. In addition to fields related toRead Morepaul hoang answers72561 Words   |  291 Pageswith all BM mark schemes, the solutions in this Answer Book should be used with caution and flexibility. Students who take an alternative approach to the suggested solutions should still be credited where appropriate; teachers should use their professional judgment in such cases. Since the Answer Book is 178 pages long, colleagues may find the use of ‘short keys’ useful when searching for answers. By pressing the and keys together, you will be prompted by a pop-up menu. Type in the questionRead MoreEssay A Review of Qualitative Research on Teenage Smoking Habits6156 Words   |  25 Pagesconfidentiality of the participants, e.g. obscuring teenagers status of smoking from the knowledge of their parents and other sehool staffs, was also guaranteed throughout the study. Finally, medical responsibility of the main researcher in preventing smoking-related illnesses, as she was also a medieal doctor, was realised by offering teenagers consultation for smoking eessation at her clinic. This was done at the end of each interview to prevent any biased answers from the partieipants

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Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee - 935 Words

To Kill a Mockingbird is basically a novel about growing up under remarkable circumstances in the 1930s in the Southern United States. The story covers a compass of three years, amid which the fundamental characters experience critical changes. Scout Finch lives with her sibling Jem and their dad Atticus in the invented town of Maycomb, Alabama. Maycomb is a little, affectionate town, and each family has its social station relying upon where they live, who their guardians are, and to what extent their precursors have lived in Maycomb. A widower, Atticus brings up his youngsters without anyone else s input, with the assistance of compassionate neighbors and a dark maid named Calpurnia. Scout and Jem intuitively comprehend the complexities and ruses of their neighborhood and town. The main neighbor who confuses them is the puzzling Arthur Radley, nicknamed Boo, who never comes outside. At the point when Dill, another neighbor s nephew, begins spending summers in Maycomb, the three youngsters start an over the top — and now and then unsafe — journey to draw Boo outside. Scout is a spitfire who inclines toward the organization of young men and for the most part understands her disparities with her clench hands. She tries to understand a world that requests that she demonstration like a woman, a sibling who reprimands her for acting like a young lady, and a father who acknowledges her generally as she may be. Scout abhors school, picking up her most significant training allShow MoreRelatedKill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee1049 Words   |  5 PagesTo Kill a Mockingbird: How a Story could be based on True Events in Everyday LifeDaisy GaskinsCoastal Pines Technical Collegeâ€Æ'Harper Lee was born in Monroeville, Alabama. Her father was a former newspaper editor and proprietor, who had served as a state senator and practiced as a lawyer in Monroeville. Also Finch was known as the maiden name of Lee’s mother. With that being said Harper Lee became a writer like her father, but she became a American writer, famous for her race relations novel â₠¬Å"ToRead MoreTo Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee1000 Words   |  4 Pagesworld-wide recognition to the many faces of prejudice is an accomplishment of its own. Author Harper Lee has had the honor to accomplish just that through her novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, a moving and inspirational story about a young girl learning the difference between the good and the bad of the world. In the small town of Monroeville, Alabama, Nelle Harper Lee was born on April 28, 1926. Growing up, Harper Lee had three siblings: two sisters and an older brother. She and her siblings grew up modestlyRead MoreKill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee1290 Words   |  6 PagesHarper Lee published To Kill a Mockingbird during a rough period in American history, also known as the Civil Rights Movement. This plot dives into the social issues faced by African-Americans in the south, like Tom Robinson. Lee felt that the unfair treatment towards blacks were persistent, not coming to an end any time in the foreseeable f uture. This dark movement drove her to publish this novel hopeful that it would encourage the society to realize that the harsh racism must stop. Lee effectivelyRead MoreHarper Lee and to Kill a Mockingbird931 Words   |  4 PagesHarper Lee and her Works Harper Lee knew first hand about the life in the south in the 1930s. She was born in Monroeville, Alabama in 1926 (Castleman 2). Harper Lee was described by one of her friends as Queen of the Tomboys (Castleman 3). Scout Finch, the main character of Lees Novel, To Kill a Mockinbird, was also a tomboy. Many aspects of To Kill a Mockingbird are autobiographical (Castleman 3). Harper Lees parents were Amasa Coleman Lee and Frances Finch Lee. She was the youngestRead MoreKill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee873 Words   |  4 PagesIn the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee illustrates that â€Å"it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird† throughout the novel by writing innocent characters that have been harmed by evil. Tom Robinson’s persecution is a symbol for the death of a mockingbird. The hunters shooting the bird would in this case be the Maycomb County folk. Lee sets the time in the story in the early 1950s, when the Great Depression was going on and there was pov erty everywhere. The mindset of people back then was that blackRead MoreKill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee963 Words   |  4 Pagesgrowing up, when older characters give advice to children or siblings.Growing up is used frequently in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Harper Lee uses the theme growing up in To Kill a Mockingbird to change characters opinion, develop characters through their world, and utilizes prejudice to reveal growing up. One major cause growing up is used in To Kill a Mockingbird is to represent a change of opinion. One part growing up was shown in is through the trial in part two of the novelRead MoreKill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee1052 Words   |  5 PagesTo Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee takes place in Maycomb County, Alabama in the late 30s early 40s , after the great depression when poverty and unemployment were widespread throughout the United States. Why is the preconception of racism, discrimination, and antagonism so highly related to some of the characters in this book? People often have a preconceived idea or are biased about one’s decision to live, dress, or talk. Throughout To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee examines the preconceptionRead MoreKill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee1695 Words   |  7 PagesIn To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee presents as a ‘tired old town’ where the inhabitants have ‘nowhere to go’ it is set in the 1930s when prejudices and racism were at a peak. Lee uses Maycomb town to highlight prejudices, racism, poverty and social inequality. In chapter 2 Lee presents the town of Maycomb to be poverty stricken, emphasised through the characterisation of Walter Cunningham. When it is discovered he has no lunch on the first day of school, Scout tries to explain the situation to MissRead MoreKill A Mockingbird, By Harper Lee1197 Words   |  5 Pagessuch as crops, houses, and land, and money was awfully limited. These conflicts construct Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mocking Bird. In To Kill a Mocking Bird, Lee establishes the concurrence of good and evil, meaning whether people are naturally good or naturally evil. Lee uses symbolism, characterization, and plot to portray the instinctive of good and evil. To Kill a Mocking Bird, a novel by Harper Lee takes place during the 1930s in the Southern United States. The protagonist, Scout Finch,Read MoreKill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee1656 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Mockingbirds don’t do any harm but make music for us †¦ that’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird†, is a famous quote from the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Atticus, the father of the main character Scout, says this to her and her brother Jem when they receive rifles for Christmas. This book is considered a classic due to the allegory between the book title and the trial that occurs about halfway through the book. In the beginning of To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout is six. She is an innocent

Nature vs. Nurture Controversy Free Essays

The nature versus nurture debate concerns the relative importance of an individual’s innate qualities (â€Å"nature,† i. e. nativism, or innatism) versus personal experiences (â€Å"nurture,† i. We will write a custom essay sample on Nature vs. Nurture Controversy or any similar topic only for you Order Now e. empiricism or behaviorism) in determining or causing individual differences in physical and behavioral traits. The phrase â€Å"Nature versus nurture† in its modern sense was coined[1][2][3] by the English Victorian polymath Francis Galton in discussion of the influence of heredity and environment on social advancement, although the terms had been contrasted previously, for example by Shakespeare (in his play, The Tempest: 4. ). Galton was influenced[4] by the book On the Origin of Species written by his cousin, Charles Darwin. The concept embodied in the phrase has been criticized[3][4] for its binary simplification of two tightly interwoven parameters, as for example an environment of wealth, education and social privilege are often historically passed to genetic offspring. The difference being that wealth, education and social privilege are not part of the human biological system, and so cannot be directly attributed to genetics. The view that humans acquire all or almost all their behavioral traits from â€Å"nurture† was termed tabula rasa (â€Å"blank slate†) by philosopher John Locke, and proposes that humans develop from only environmental influences. This question was once considered to be an appropriate division of developmental influences, but since both types of factors are known to play such interacting roles in development, most modern psychologists and anthropologists consider the question naive—representing an outdated state of knowledge. 5][6][7][8] In the social and political sciences, the nature versus nurture debate may be contrasted with the structure versus agency debate (i. e. socialization versus individual autonomy). For a discussion of nature versus nurture in language and other human universals, see also psychological nativism. How to cite Nature vs. Nurture Controversy, Essay examples

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Saosin free essay sample

Saosin If I were to say to someone that my favorite band is Saosin (pronounced say-oh-sin), the initial response is â€Å"I have never heard of them. Are they good?† The answer to that question is a definite yes. Saosin is an alternative band based out of southern California that has been around since 2003. With their original singer, Anthony Green, Saosin released their first EP called Translating the Name. Translating the Name was a huge hit on the internet sites such as YouTube. After the release of their first EP, tension in the band led to the departure of the singer, Anthony. In need of a new vocalist, they held a massive online audition which brought them a fitting replacement, Cove Reber. Hardcore fans quickly critized Coves style and inexperience which added an extreme amount of hype for their first full length Album. Their self-titled album, Saosin, changed the minds of all the old Saosin fans. We will write a custom essay sample on Saosin or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Saosin was released in 2006 under Capital Records. From the moment the first song, Its Far Better to Learn, plays, you know that this CD is special. The quiet noise from the background builds momentum as dropped tuned guitars start to pick the songs speed up leading to the drum solo of Alex Rodriguez (not the baseball player) right before the first verse. Each song on the CD has its own style that is different from the others. The first single, Voices, has in my opinion the best singing in all of music in the alternative genre. There are some songs, however, that can get a little boring, but then there are those that just make you feel good. The song, Youre Not Alone, is the song I go to if Im feeling down. Its message tells the listener that everyone has the strength to make it out of any low point in life. With lyrics like â€Å"Youre not alone, there is more to this I know. You can make it out, you will live to tell,† how could anyone that is feeling down in life not put a smile on their face? From the beginning to the end, Saosin delivers with their wonderful blend of flaring guitars, ridiculous drums, chilling vocals and powerful lyrics. Anyone who is into the alternative genre NEEDS to have this in their collection. Saosins next full length album is due out Fall 2009.

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How to Help Your Homeschooled Kid Find Friends

How to Help Your Homeschooled Kid Find Friends It can be difficult for homeschooled kids to forge new friendships Its not because the unsocialized homeschooler stereotypes  are true. Instead its often because homeschooled kids dont have the opportunity to be around the same group of kids on a regular basis like their public- and private-schooled peers do. Although homeschoolers arent isoloated from other kids, some dont have enough consistent contact with the same group of friends to allow time for friendships to grow. As homeschool parents, we may need to be more intentional in helping our children make new friends. How can you help  your homeschooler find friends? Maintain Current Friendships If you have a child who is transitioning from public school to homeschool, make an effort to maintain his current friendships (unless they are a contributing factor in your decision to homeschool). It can put a strain on friendships when the kids dont see  each other every day. Give your child opportunities to continue to nurture those relationships. The younger your child is,  the more effort the investment in these friendships may require on your part. Make sure you have the parents’ contact information, so that you can  arrange regular play dates. Invite the friend over for sleepovers or a movie night. Consider hosting holiday parties or game nights on weekends or after school hours so your new homeschooler can spend time with his old public school friends and new homeschool friends at the same time. Get Involved in the Homeschool Community It is important to maintain friendships for kids moving from public school to homeschool, but it’s also important to help them begin to make friends with other homeschooled kids. Having friends who homeschool means your child has someone who understands her day-to-day life and a buddy for homeschool group outings and play dates! Go to homeschool group events. Get to know the other parents so that it’s easier for your kids to stay in contact. This contact can be especially important for less-outgoing kids. They may find it difficult to connect in a large group setting and  need some one-on-one time to get to know potential friends. Try a homeschool co-op. Take part in activities that reflect your child’s interests to make it easier for him to get to know kids who share his interests. Consider activities such as a book club, LEGO club, or art class. Participate in Activities on a Regular Basis Although some  kids have a new â€Å"best friend† every time they leave the playground, true friendships take time to foster. Find activities that occur on a regular basis so that your child get to see the same group of kids regularly. Consider activities such as: Recreational league sports teamsClasses such as gymnastics, karate, art, or photographyCommunity theaterScouting Don’t overlook activities for adults (if it’s acceptable for children to attend) or activities in which your childs siblings are involved. For example a ladies Bible study or weekly moms meeting gives kids a chance to socialize. While the moms chat, kids can play, bond, and forge friendships. Its not uncommon for older or younger siblings to wait with their parent while one child attends a homeschool class or activity. The waiting siblings often forge friendships with the other kids waiting on their brother or sister. If its appropriate to do so, bring along some activities that encourage quiet group play, such as playing cards, Lego blocks, or board games. Make Use of Technology Live, online games and forums can be a great way for older homeschooled kids to make friends who share their interests or keep in touch with existing friends. Teens can chat with friends and meet new people while playing online video games. Many  homeschooled kids use apps such as Skype or FaceTime to chat face-to-face with friends each day. Certainly there are dangers associated with social media and online technology. Its crucial that parents monitory their childrens online activity. Parents should also teach their kids  basic safety protocol, such as never giving out their address or engaging in private messaging with people they dont know in person. Used carefully and with parental supervision, the Internet can be a fantastic tool for allowing homeschooled kids to connect with their friends more often than they might be able to do in person. One of the best things about homeschool friendships is that they tend to ​break age barriers. They are based on mutual interests and complementary personalities. Help your homeschooled child find  friends. Be intentional about providing opportunities for him to meet others through shared interests and experiences.

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The Inventor of Mass-Producing Steel Henry Bessemer

The Inventor of Mass-Producing Steel Henry Bessemer Sir Henry Bessemer, an Englishman, invented the first process for mass-producing  steel  inexpensively in the 19th century. It was an essential contribution to the development of modern day skyscrapers. The First System for Manufacturing Steel An American, William Kelly, initially held a patent for a system of air blowing the carbon out of pig iron, a method of steel production known as the pneumatic process. Air was blown through molten pig iron to oxidize and remove unwanted impurities. This was Bessemer’s starting point. When Kelly went bankrupt, Bessemer – who had been working on a similar process for making steel – bought his patent. Bessemer patented a decarbonization process utilizing a blast of air in 1855. Modern Steel Modern steel is made using technology based on Bessemers process. On the making of the first steel ingot, Bessemer said: I well remember how anxiously I awaited the blowing of the first 7-cwt. charge of pig iron. I had engaged an ironfounders furnace attendant to manage the cupola and the melting of the charge. When his metal was nearly all melted, he came to me  and said hurriedly, Where be going to put the metal, maister? I said, I want you to run it by a gutter into that little furnace, pointing to the converter, from which you have just raked out all the fuel, and then I shall blow cold air through it to make it hot.The man looked at me in a way in which surprise and pity for my ignorance seemed curiously blended, and  he said, It will soon be all of a lump. Notwithstanding this prediction, the metal was run in, and I awaited with much impatience the result. The first element attacked by the atmospheric oxygen is the silicon, generally present in pig iron to the extent of 1 1/2 to 2 percent; it is the white metallic substance of which flint is the acid silicate. Its combustion furnishes a great deal of heat, but it is very undemonstrative, a few sparks and hot gases only indicating the fact that something is going quietly on.But after an interval of 10 or 12 minutes, when the carbon contained in grey pig iron to the extent of about 3 percent is seized on by the oxygen, a voluminous white flame is produced which rushes out of the openings provided for its escape from the upper chamber, and it brilliantly illuminates the whole space around. This chamber proved a perfect cure for the rush of slags and metal from the upper central opening of the first converter. I watched with some anxiety for the expected cessation of the flame as the carbon gradually burnt out. It took place almost suddenly, and thus indicated the entire decarburisation of the metal.The furnace was then tapped, when out rushed a limpid stream of incandescent malleable iron, almost too brilliant for the eye to rest upon. It was allowed to flow vertically into the parallel undivided ingot mould. Then came the question, would the ingot shrink enough, and the cold iron mould expand enough, to allow the ingot to be pushed out? An interval of eight or 10 minutes was allowed, and then, on the application of hydraulic force to the ram, the ingot rose entirely out of the mould and stood there ready for removal. Bessemer was knighted in 1879 for his contributions to science. The Bessemer Process for mass-producing steel was named after him. Robert Mushet is credited with inventing tungsten steel in 1868, and Henry Brearly invented stainless steel in 1916.

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Film analysis assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Film analysis assignment - Essay Example People have their own opinions and standpoints, they see things differently. It is difficult to say, who is right or wrong, because men and women are very different in many ways. In these scenes Harry and Sally try to change each other. One of the sidetracks, Let’s call the whole thing off, goes â€Å"You like potato I like potahto you like tomato I like tomahto.† This song supports Harry and Sally’s meaningless argument. After they spend much time together, Harry and Sally understand each other better. In the batting cage scene, Harry says â€Å"It’s just different. It’s a whole different perspective. I get a woman’s point of view on things.† The movie viewers can feel that Harry was changed. In the final scene, Harry says that he loves all Sally’s weird behaviors. Both of them try to change each other, but then they listen and understand, thus a friendship becomes true love. The topics of the plot of the movie are constructed chronologically. The first topic begins when Harry and Sally just graduated from the University of Chicago and they share a car to go to New York to find a new live. As soon as they arrive at Washington square, they say goodbye by handshaking not knowing even where each goes. The second topic begins when they meet in the airport five years later. Sally tells Harry that she and Joe are in love, and Harry tells Sally that he is getting married. The third topic begins when they met by chance at a book store five years later. They are going through difficult times because Sally broke up with Joe and Harry divorced. Harry and Sally become friends. Since they live in the same city, they spend much time together. As a result they understand each other better. Dialog is the main tool to lead the story, however there is narrative scene that Harry is alone on the New Years Eve, while Sally is in a party having a terrible time with a man. Har ry walks down the street at night trying to convince himself that